Automatic bathroom Faucet

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Automatic bathroom Faucets are normal faucet which comes with an inbuilt Sensor. These faucet sensors are battery operated. The faucet sensor mainly functions as a Stop Start gadget, whereby the flow of water is controlled based on obstruction.

Advantages of Sensor based Bathroom Faucet

a) The main advantage of a Sensor Faucet is it prevents wastage of Water. Everyone knows wastage leads to scarcity. Water wastage is greatly controlled because of these  automatic bath faucets.

b) You never need to touch the faucet as everything is based on the Start Stop faucet mechanism which is fully automatic. So the faucet remains clean.

c) It helps in improving your hygiene as the chances of you getting sick because of the bacterias on the faucet is very little. (Since touching of the faucet is minimized)

d) If anyone in your family handles the faucets rashly, it might get repaired. This is prevented due to sensor based Faucets.

e) Your water bill will be reduced as you wont waste water.

f)  You can feel proud that you did your best when it comes to controlling water wastage.


Disadvantages of Automatic Bathroom Faucet

a) The price of a sensor based faucet will be high . But its worth the investment as you will eventually save on water bills which will compensate for the price.

b)  The batteries has to be changed.

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