How to Select the perfect Water faucet Filter

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Before Buying a Faucet Water Filter, do adequate research on the product.
Check the below points before buying a Faucet Water Filter.
A)  Reduce Chlorine and TTHM (trihalomethanes)  .
B)  Most water contains harmful bacterias. It may look clean, but might conain these bacterias. Faucet Water Filters must be able to remove 99.99% bacteria. You should also know that 16 million waterborne illnesses per year are associated with drinking water.
C)  The water filters should be able to remove metals.
D)  Check whether the filter removes pesticides.
E)  Water is prone to rust, sediments and impurities. The water filter should be able to remove these unwanted junks.
F)  Does the filter removes bad taste and odour?
G)  Wether any external tools are required to install?.
H)  Is disconnection of the faucet easier?
I)  Does it provide unlimited filtered water.
J) How fast is the flow rate?
K) Is there any reports of Leaks?
L) Does the filter comes with a life indicater
M) No. of contaminants that the filter is able to remove. There are about 260 contaminants in public water supplies. As per the investigation from Environmental Working Group (EWG)  , Public water supplies in about 42 US States are contaminated with 141 unregulated Chemicals!
N) The life time of the faucet filter when compared to similar filters.
O) Wether there is any warranties provided in case of a leak in the faucet filter.
P) Does it have a good design.
Q) Check, if the water is shut of , the filter turns off automatically. This reduces manual work of switching off the filter.
R) The frequent availability of replacement cartridges. It might be tough to get replacement cartridges for Some brands.
S) Is there a cartridge replacement indicator on the faucet filter.

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